A multitude of inspection options using both colour and grey-scale or contour images, make the AX40 a genuinely universal system for all your image processing tasks.

Numerous inspection procedures
Just use the keypad to configure the inspection elements of the AX40. Where sensible, this is also possible by teach-in. With more than 15,000 inspection options, the unit has adequate reserves, even for complex applications. All the common procedures, such as pixel counting, edge finding, feature extraction, pattern and contour matching, etc., are available.

    Unlike conventional procedures, our new contour matching algorithm evaluates the contours of a part and not its entire surface area. This makes it clearly less dependent on fluctuations in brightness and even objects that are partially covered can still be detected.  

Wide range of functions
As well as having many inspection elements, the AX40 can offer extremely flexible inspection. You can offset all the results with one another or create complex logical evaluations. Zero point allocation is made easy thanks to the freely positionable system of coordinates. You can display the important results clearly on a user-defined screen. The AX40 also has a real-time clock, password protection, bilingual software and much more.


Simple documentation
Several options are available for documenting the inspection results. Integrated statistics functions record the average, minimum and maximum values or the spread, for example. If there is an error, images can be stored in real-time and can later be loaded by the project management software AXTOOL for accurate evaluation. The CompactFlash card can store screenshots or measured values. These can then be loaded directly onto a PC.



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